Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ragnar Relay

I ran in a 196-mile relay race from Chattanooga to Nashville in November.
I had an awesome team and we had a blast together!
There were 12 of us and we all ran 3 times. My total was 18.6 miles.
It was very challenging, but very accomplishing. It was an adventure to say the least.
We started running Friday morning, ran through the night, and finished Saturday afternoon.
I think my grand total of sleep was an hour and a half throughout the whole race!
A few of our runners got lost- one ran 4 extra miles, one 2 extra, and a couple a few extra blocks.
One girl got run off the road by a car resulting in some pretty crazy flesh wounds.
A couple with minor GI problems, (I guess that's common during a race like this). Let's just say the port-a-potties were well-used!
We had a couple injuries, but everyone was able to finish their shifts.
So it was quite the experience, but I loved every minute of it and will definitely will be doing more relays in the future!

Monday, January 2, 2012


It's kind of funny because we had been living in Louisville for over a year and hadn't had any visitors, then all of the sudden everyone wanted to come at once... but we weren't complaining! We were so happy to have our families come see what life is like in the south!
I was so excited to have visitors and I told all my patients about it for months and asked them what cool things we should do! haha

My twin sister Lana and her adorable baby Jaxton came out one weekend when Wes was out of town. We didn't plan it to be a weekend with just us and no husbands, but it was so much better than I even anticipated! It was just so nice to be able to spend time with her just like the old days when it was just me and her and we were inseparable :) The weekend flew by way to fast!
We had a girls' night and she met all my cool friends out here, had a picnic at the Waterfront, made lots of yummy food that our husbands don't like (such as shrimp and stuffed mushrooms), went shopping, went to the Louisville Sluggers Museum and Churchill Downs, toured the city, and just had a great time hanging out. Can't wait to do it again!

My parents came out at the end of October, when the weather was really nice.
I told them of all the amazing places to eat out here in Louisville (cuz that's what Louisvillians do best- eat) and asked if they wanted to have a date night with just the two of them since they don't get to go on a lot of trips like this, but they said no because they were just coming to
see me :) So we all hung out together all weekend and it was awesome!
I am so grateful for them coming out. I know it was a big sacrifice for them, especially my dad because 1- he has a bad back and the plane ride out here isn't pleasant, and 2- it was the opening day of the deer hunt. But it meant a lot to have them come see me!
I tried to show them all the cool things around Louisville.

We took a scenic drive to Lexington and saw some horse races at Keeneland.
I learned that I am pretty good at picking out the loser (the one that I choose to win).
My mom actually was a big winner and took home $2! Wahoo! Go Mom!
Ya, she took Wes, Me, and Dad all out for a delicious steak dinner with her winnings!

I didn't get any pics of the Slugger's Museum cuz they don't let you take pics during the tours, but we did that too and it's always a good time.

We went to one of Kentucky's many distilleries and saw how they make the famous Kentucky Bourbon. It was pretty interesting and I was surprised how much they do by hand!

Wes' Dad and sister came out with her husband and 5 kids the same week my parents were here. They were so sweet. They offered to disappear for a day or two so I could have some time with my parents even though I didn't want them to.
They are expert travelers though, so they didn't have a hard time finding things to do.
They toured the Louisville Slugger's Museum and Churhill Downs (if you haven't figured out by now, there are a couple must-do's when coming to Louisville), visited several historic sites all over Kentucky on their own and Wes joined them for a day while I was at work.
I was able to meet up with them one day during lunch at the Kentucky Museum of History and for a picnic! Unfortunately, all our pics are on her camera though, but it was a great time! As always! I love hanging out with them!

We went out to some of our favorite restaurants, and just had an amazing time catching up since we haven't been able to see them this year. It was so much fun having them come out! We loved spending time with them here in Louisville!

This is Mammoth Caves, the longest underground cave system in the world!
Our tour had a couple hundred stairs! It was pretty cool!
And such a fun thing to do together with our big group :)

We LOVED sharing our Louisville lives with our families! It was a blast spending time with all of them and I wish they all could have stayed longer, but we are so grateful for our awesome families and that they made the trip out to see us :) Thanks guys! We love you! Come back soon!

San Francisco

In September, we went to San Francisco for the Northern California Dental Convention. We were able to squeeze in some time to tour the city and have some fun :)

We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge (some day I want to bike over it!)
I know you can't see the bridge, but it's behind us. You can see the very base above the road.

It was pretty crazy. You couldn't even see it while you were driving on it because it's always foggy!

The Lone Cypress

At Fisherman's Warf, we ate the best clam chowder and sourdough bread-bowls I've ever had.

And sampled yummy chocolate at Ghirardelli Square

We got to stay with one of Wes' cousins and went with her and some friends to The Little Mermaid Sing-a-long! It was so much fun!!! The words were on the screen during all the songs and everyone sang along and we even had props. It was fun being a kid again :)