Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Surfing, Disasters, and Hikes. Welcome to the Beach!

We went back down to OC for a long weekend and had quite an interesting trip. Surfing the first morning turned out to be a disaster. To make a long story short, I crashed trying to catch a huge wave (ok, it wasn't that big, but for me, anything that projects above the surface is huge) and my board broke my nose. Tons of blood, getting me and my board back to shore, the whole beach staring, the sight of my nose deformed and off to the side, wondering if I will ever look decent again, trying to reset it, and explaining the story to Wes' whole family including all his nephews (and a few extra times for his adorable niece who kept asking about it), while trying to recover at my in-laws' house made for an interesting day.

After that, Wes decided hiking was a better idea for a Utah girl, so hiking we did. One hike above town (you can see the whole city behind me) and one beach hike. Wes was really cute too because I used to have to fend for myself (3 mile hike on a rugged Kauai coast our honeymoon with a broken toe? ya.) but this time, he helped me up and down the rocks and steep places and kept saying, "if you don't feel comfortable, don't do it." Basically, we were both glad my face wasn't permanently disfigured.

These are just some pretty pictures of our adventures. 
Wes is determined to keep me out of the water from now on, but hopefully someday I will make my big comeback!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Sisters' Retreat (and Mom and Niece)

My sisters are starting a new tradition where we all get together once a year and have a girls' weekend. JaRelle was 38 weeks prego and needed to be close her her doctor so what was her responsibility? You may think it was to sit back and relax and let us take care of it all... Nope! She was assigned to host! No sympathy! Haha, but she did a great job! We packed a lot of fun in our couple days together. 

Dollar movie chick flick, made yummy food, gave each other pedicures, swam in the pool every day, shopping, frozen custard, out to eat, professional massages!!! It was awesome! :)

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Independence Day 2012

We went to Huntington Beach on July 4th and met up with our friends Jordan and Kelly and their family. It was a very busy day at the beach!

The boys went surfing while we watched from the beach (we were the smart ones, the water was freezing!). Wes has a good board for Independence Day too :)

California is a very interesting place. It's where I spend the warmest Christmases and the coldest Independence Days, hence the hoodie at the beach.

The day ended with a BBQ with his family and cousins then fireworks at the local park.