Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I had a hard time picking my favorites and had to stop myself from posting like 40 pics, but here are a few good ones:

Monday, May 17, 2010

Our Trip to BOSTON

2 weeks before we got married, we went on Wes' family trip to Boston. His brother Scott is out there finishing up dental school at Harvard so we visited him and a bunch of history sites. We even went up to Maine and after I left (to come back for school) they took a ferry to Canada. Here are just a couple pics:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Proposal :)

I wrote about how we got engaged on Facebook shortly after it happened so I just copied it because I figured my feelings were more fresh at that time! So if you've already read it, just look at our cute pics :)

Wes told me we were going to the Mt. Okur temple open-house so we were all dressed up. We went to dinner at "The Roof." It's a really nice restaurant in the Joseph Smith building that overlooks the temple.

Then we toured gardens on the roof of the conference center. (I didn't even know that was there!) We went off on our own and he showed me a slideshow he made of us on his phone! (That's impressive coming from a guy!) Next, he pulled a long-stem red rose out of his umbrella!! (clever!) Then he knelt down, popped the question, and gave me the most beautiful ring I've ever seen!! (And of course, I said yes!)

Then, his friend has a private little airplane and we were going to fly to my parents' house to show them, but the weather was really bad down there so we just flew around the valley. I got to fly it for a bit!! Then the pilot took us on some crazy turns and ups and downs! It was way fun, but Wes got a lil plane-sick.

It was the best proposal EVER!!!


I have a lot of pics and stories from our courtship, but I’ll keep it short! We did a lot of really fun things!

We raced Go-Karts! Wes smoked me because I kept getting stuck on the tires! But he was being nice and kept slowing down for me :) haha

I was Wes' assistant for a dental charity event! It was so much fun!

During my break between semesters, we went to lunch a few times at Thanksgiving Point! Mmm! And walked around the beautiful gardens.

Snowmobiling up Heber Canyon with one of Wes' good friends Mike Brooks!

We went to a Jazz vs. Lakers playoff game. I was wearing a Jazz shirt and he was wearing rooting for the Lakers. It was a great game and the Jazz won in overtime!

We went to California and he taught me how to surf!!

Attended his brother-in-law's college graduation!

We watched to Lipizzaner Stallions do some amazing tricks!

Wes introduced me to the Melting Pot and it quickly became my favorite restaurant!

Boating at Yuba Lake!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easter '09

When I took Wes home for the first time over Easter, my family thought it was going to be a really long weekend because he sat on one side of the room while I sat on the other. However, we were beginning to fall in love during this visit. I had a lot of fun showing him the country life and most of the things we did were his first time like:

rolling easter eggs down a hill,

eating dutch-oven chicken and taters and cracking crab legs,

shooting skeet,

and riding 4-wheelers!