Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Easter '09

When I took Wes home for the first time over Easter, my family thought it was going to be a really long weekend because he sat on one side of the room while I sat on the other. However, we were beginning to fall in love during this visit. I had a lot of fun showing him the country life and most of the things we did were his first time like:

rolling easter eggs down a hill,

eating dutch-oven chicken and taters and cracking crab legs,

shooting skeet,

and riding 4-wheelers!


  1. Cute cute cute!! I love it. I will never forget how HAPPY you were after you started spending time with Wes. You were a completely different person- you were just so much happier and complete. :) I love your little blog- good work!

  2. Okay, sorry! I didn't realize I was signed in under Jonathon's name and it always deletes my comment when I try to switch to mine halfway through. So, I promise my husband doesn't say "cute" that much and use that many exclamation points! :)