Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Before I met Wes, I didn't really like concerts that much. But he took me to a Keane concert when we were dating and it was sooo much fun! My favorite concert ever...... until we went to Air Supply!

We had the best seats! We were right on the end of the front row
of the second section so...

when they walked out into the audience, they literally walked directly in front of us and we both got to touch one of the guys!
This was right before Wes got a high five.

And this was him shaking my hand!
What a blast! Except for the part where we missed the first song which happened to be one of my favorites "Even the Nights are Better" because they wouldn't let me in because they didn't believe I was 21! Wes had to run back to our hotel and get my ID. I was so mad! But the concert was so great I couldn't stay mad long.

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  1. That is so funny - I didn't even know they were still alive, much less still in concert! But, I too love Air Supply and went to their concert in Chicago several years ago and then again in Las Vegas in 2000 - and they were old then!