Sunday, September 19, 2010

Our New Home

I know I promised this to some of you a couple months ago, but I'm just not that on top of it. So like 13 weeks later, here is our new home! We love it. It's the perfect size for us and in a great location with an awesome ward!

This is the outside. Our door is the one one the right. We live upstairs.

This is our cute kitchen. Isn't it adorable? Our house came with great colored walls! We love the red!

The dining room. I really like the tall table and chairs.

Living room. When you open the front door, you have to scale 16 stairs. (You can see the railing behind the couch.)

This is where Wes spends the majority of his time (besides school of course).

Those 2 rooms are connected. We love the vaulted ceiling and the openness of the house.
(So I used to think I was a good decorator when I lived with my twin sister, and now that I don't live with her anymore and my house isn't decorated, I realize SHE was the good decorator!... help!)

Guest Bathroom. Love the pedestal sink.

Master bedroom. We struggled with our full-sized bed for the first year of our marriage and HAD to get a king. We LOVE it! It's so comfy and we have so much room!

And this is our master bath complete with JETTED-TUB :) (and by the way, when you have jets, you don't need to put in very many bubbles... it gets out of control real quick)

This is our cute lil deck. We don't use it as much as we though we would. Something about sitting out in the hot humidity just doesn't quite seem as nice as the air-conditioned inside.

And this is your room! Yes you! The one reading this! We prepared this room especially for you! We love having guests and want you to come visit! Doesn't that bed look so comfy?...


  1. That bed does look comfy. I'm coming! Tomorrow!

  2. Ha you decorated it cute! I LOVE the paint!! And I like how theres a shorter counter to do makeup at :) Wish I could come visit...but I don't know if they allow big pregsters on airplanes...and work...and money. O well I'll just pretend I'm there by looking in the pics :) I can't wait for Thanksgiving for the family to all get together!!

  3. LOVE IT!!!! SO CUTE!! ilWe need to come visit!! But we want you guys to come visit here too!!

  4. hey just found your blog. You guys are so cute together and your home is beautiful. And your wedding pictures are gorgeous.