Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 at a Glance

JANUARY: went skiing in Park City and to an Air Supply concert in Wendover

FEBRUARY: hung out on the strip in Vegas

MARCH: went to California for Wes to play in a wedding band

APRIL: I graduated from Dental Hygiene school and we went to Hawaii

MAY: visited Wes' sister's family in Arizona (floated down the river) and went to Lake Powell with my family

JUNE: hiked the Timpinogos Caves and rode in a hot air balloon at the annual balloon festival in Sevier County

JULY: moved across the country to Louisville, Kentucky and Wes started his orthodontic residency

AUGUST: went to Holiday World in Indiana (an adventure park decorated in the different holidays)

SEPTEMBER: explored Ohio

OCTOBER: completed our first marathon together in Chicago

NOVEMBER: went to a Ben Folds concert in Cincinnati and spent Thanksgiving in Utah

DECEMBER: spent Christmas in California and went to Disneyland for my first time


  1. WOW! What a year the Cardalls have had!!!! Thats awesome!!! :) So many great memories you'll treasure FoReVeR!!!!!

  2. You'd never been to Disneyland? Crazy! What a fun year!

  3. I love this idea, I may steal it :)

  4. I love Ben Folds! So jealous! Was it an awesome concert? I heard he swears a lot live haha

  5. dude!!! you guys were way busy this year and did a ton of fun stuff!! take us with you next, california, concerts, etc. happy new year!

  6. Wow each month is a different state! But Utah was definitely the BEST!!! You need to come visit more!!!!