Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tornado Devastation

We were blessed to be safe from the devastation of the horrible tornadoes that made national news as they passed right over us and left behind nothing but a disastrous mess. I didn't work that day and headed to the gym to swim laps first thing in the morning. The weather wasn't great, but I didn't pay much attention because in Kentucky, the weather is all over the place. Half-way through my workout, we were all kicked out of the pool because of the storms and bad lightening/thunder outside. (So we got out and went straight to the showers- not sure how much safer that is!) Then I headed to the grocery store and was lally-gagging my way around the store when I got a call from Wes saying the school is sending everyone home because this storm was supposed to get really bad. Up until this point, we didn't take tornado watches/warnings very seriously so we just hung out in our (upstairs) condo and even went out on our balcony to watch the storm pass. Little did we know that this tornado would make history. The next day, we drove up to Henryville and Marysville, Indiana (only 20 minutes from our house) and were truly humbled by the devastation left behind.

You could see where a house was supposed to be, but all that was left was a foundation...
or just a pile of debri.

This was a church.

No matter how large the tree, it was either broken or uprooted!

The orange X's mean the house has already been searched for survivors.

If a home was in the path of this monster, didn't matter if it was a barn or...
a brick house, it didn't stand a chance.

This roof was nowhere near a house.



  1. WOW.... :( So sad! I'm SOOOO glad you guys are ok! Its amazing what a tornado does... How hard! Wind & Rain can destroy everything in its path! Oh my we are lucky we haven't been through that! My heart goes out to those people!!!!

  2. What a terrible tragedy! Glad to hear you are okay! Miss ya Linds!

  3. Glad you are safe! You guys should try to come to the OBX next month!