Monday, July 23, 2012

Washington D.C.

Visitng Washington DC was the perfect way to spend our Memorial Day weekend.

We stayed with one of Wes' mission companions/BYU roommates, Forest.
I know I always say this, but this is one of my favorite temples. It's beautiful!

The National Cathedral was pretty sweet. I wish they still made buildings like this!

I don't know why everyone things the Washington Memorial is so tall - Wes is taller than it! :)

The White House. If you look closely, you can see the snipers on the roof.

We didn't want to wait in 2 lines for 2 hours so we actually didn't go up to Abe Lincoln.
Those security officers you see on the steps wouldn't let anyone on them because they were
securing the area since the president was speaking nearby.

Martin Luther King. Don't mind my homies behind me. We were pretty much the only white people at this one. haha

Air and space museum was pretty cool.

We took our Sunday walk at the Zoo, but wouldn't recommend going there. 
All the cages were empty (besides this one) seriously.

The National Archives is one of the best things to visit.

We love this building... ok, maybe not.

Capital Building

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  1. Great pics Linds!!! I LOVED DC! There is SO much to do and see there!!! Thanks for sharing!!! :)