Thursday, August 23, 2012

Our BIG Move

We left our Louisville home Saturday morning, and arrived in Bakersfield Friday. We didn't take the most direct route, but we made it quite an enjoyable road trip. We started in Kentucky, drove through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, and finally crossed the finish line in California! We were able to see several church history sites and meet up with friends and family along the way.

Nauvoo temple at night time. Beautiful!

John Taylor is Wes' Great Great Great Grandpa!
Wes' parents came out for the graduation, helped us pack our stuff and load the moving truck, made the cross-country drive with us, then helped us find our new home and move in :) We were soooo grateful for the help and enjoyed spending almost 2 whole weeks with them! Thank you!!!

Trail of Tears/Hope

Room in the Newel K. Whitney store where the Relief Society was formed

Window where Joseph Smith was killed :(

After getting lost from following our GPS and MapQuest, we finally found Mt. Pisgah and a dog came running out to us. He was super excited to see us and rolled over so Wes could rub his belly! haha

(Mt. Pisgah) When the saints were traveling west through Iowa, they sent a group ahead to establish some ground, plant acres and acres of crops, and build homes. That way, when the saints stopped through, food and shelter would already be there. Unfortunately, thousands lost their lives there, but it helped so many more. This is also the place where Brigham Young enlisted over 500 men for the Mormon Battalion.

We visited Winter Quarters, the Pioneer Cemetery, and saw the Winter Quarters temple.

Old picture of ancient Navoo

The major tunnel outside Denver was closed so we took a huge 2-hour detour. This is the steady stream of cars inching their way through the mountains.

Driving through the canyon was beautiful! I miss the mountains!!

When we drove through Utah, we spent the night at my parents' house. It was so nice to spend some time with my family :) This is us driving to one of our favorite local restaurants El Mexicano.
(I also didn't get pics of our Kentucky friends we were able to spend time with along the way, but we spent the night with the Andersons in Grand Island, NE and endulged in Cafe Rio in Denver, CO with  the Nielsons.)

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  1. Wow I guess I never looked at a map and actually realized how far Kentucky really was. But we're glad you stopped on the way...well I guess I didnt see you that time, but Jax did and he needs to see more of his aunti Ninny and Uncle Wes :)