Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Big Day

4:45am - I woke Wes up and said, "either I'm peeing my pants or my water just broke!" then I squeezed my legs and it kept coming so I said to Wes, "get me a towel!" He came back with a small hand towel. "No, a big one!" But I ran to the toilet before he got back. Then the water came out and out and out and I wondered when it would stop. When it finally stopped, I tried to get up and it started again. That happened two more times and I wondered when I would ever get off this toilet. Eventually, it slowed enough that I could walk around the house with a large pool towel between my legs and every time I had a contraction, more water would gush out. Weirdest thing ever!
Wes did what Wes does and started researching, but of course only crazy people write about their experiences online so he wasn't convinced we needed to go to the hospital today. "This person said they went shopping after their water broke." "This person didn't go in for a week." But I was persistent in letting him know that those are crazy people and that's not how it really is and that we are having this baby today. "Not today, I still have two more days of work!"
I called the hospital to see when I should go in and they said come in soon and if it was my water they would admit me. Of course my water broke lady! So I took a shower and packed a bag (no I wasn't packed yet) and made sure to eat a good breakfast then we headed to the hospital arriving about 8:15am, dilated 4 cm and 90% effaced.
As we waited and waited in the triage room, Wes was so ancy. He just kept saying, "I should be at work. I should be at work." We knew it was going to be several hours before our little one arrived so I told him he could go to work (about a mile up the road), but that he had to keep his phone in his pocket and he had to answer it. As I hung out in the hospital room, I was having the same contractions I had been having for months- about 5 minutes, but not painful at all. The nurses felt like I should be in more pain because they could barely even tell when I was having a contraction so they gave me pitocin (Dr said to use as needed) around 11:00am and I was 5 cm dilated. Then the pain started.
Even though the nurses estimated our baby would be born around 9:00-10:00pm, I told Wes not to plan on going back to work after lunch.

Wes held Sadie for about an hour or two because I was too exhausted to hold her and it was so cute to watch him just look at her! :)

This is the day we named her and took her home!

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