Thursday, October 11, 2012

Cousin Swim Party

This was my first time attending the famous Annual Richardson Cousin Swim Party. I'll tell you what- these people know how to throw a killer swim party! Tons of friends and family attended, lots of amazing food, great southern-California weather, and my father-in-law owns a pool company so his pool is pretty much the best pool ever- super-clean, perfect temperature, attached spa, diving board, and water squirting into the sides of the pool.

It doesn't show in the pictures, but the pool was more crowded than the hottest day of summer at the local public swimming pool!
Complete with a long line for the diving board.

How may kids does it take to remove candles from a birthday cake?

Brownie Sundaes were the hit of the party. Such great toppings - all kinds of crushed candy bars, gummy bears, fruit, hot fudge, whip cream,...
And by the end, every single bowl of topping was completely empty! haha

This kid cracked me up. He was walking around squirting whip cream in his mouth.

A pool party is never over until someone gets a cooler of ice water dumped on them and poop is found in the pool.


  1. That last part is hilarious and the boy with the whipped cream made me laugh out loud!!!

  2. Haha, the last part is super funny... Looks like fun! Seems that california is treating you well!

  3. Ahahah, I am still laughing about that last part! Hilarious. Good thing he's a professional and can handle it.