Saturday, October 6, 2012

Our First Visitor and One Fun Weekend!

My cute youngest sister was fearless visitor #1 at the Cardall's new home :)                                                   We packed soooo many fun things into every single day!
BJ's Pizza twice
Six Flaggs Magic Mountain
Out for ice cream sundaes twice
The Dark Knight Rises matinée
Bowling and dinner at the bowling alley
Swimming and laying out at the pool almost every day

The lines were about 90 minutes so we got Flash Passes which made a huge difference. Time has not treated Wes and I very well so we were worried about motion sickness and took some Dramamine. Poor Wes barely made it through 4 rides then had to leave, but Kami and I went strong from open to close. I was impressed. We went from ride to ride to ride, never stopping to wait in line or even eat dinner. The ride shown in the middle with all three of us was our favorite. We are facing out the whole time and started out staring at the ground (look at the trees behind us).

My healthy sis is apparently on a pepperoni pizza and chocolate ice cream diet. Hahaha Gotta love teenagers! :)


  1. How FUN! How is she tanner than you?? I'm still waiting to have a visitor in Portland-- looks so fun to have your family come! Glad you guys had a good time!

    1. Dang she does make me look white doesn't she?!

  2. It's ok you make me look white Linz :( that looks so fun! I wanna ride the roller coasters! But after having kids I've noticed getting motion sickness more like in cars and stuff but I haven't been on a roller coaster for years. And I want a shake like in tat picture too when I come out!!

  3. How fun is that! I am with Lana... I don't know how I would do on all of those roller coaster rides but the rest sounds amazing! Especially that sundae! yummm... :)