Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We spent the first couple months of the year flying out to different states to visit orthodontic practices.

American Orthodontic Convention in Oahu

Washington DC

Went through the AZ temple with Whitney

  Wes' Graduation

Cross-country trip from KY to CA

Moved into a house in sunny California with a pool

Sisters' Retreat Farmington, UT

Surfing, hiking, and bike riding in Orange County

 4th of July Huntington Beach

Kami's visit and Magic Mountain 
Mormon Battalian Visitors' Center, USS Marine, Haunted Hotel Del Coronado, Mexico border in San Diego

Sea World

Annual Cousin Swim Party 

Sequoia National Park

BYU Education Week

Lake Powell

Kern County Fair

We're having a baby!!!

Pismo Beach

Invisalign Summit Las Vegas

Thanksgiving in Utah

Extended Family Christmas Party

Christmas Morning Beach Walk

Flight to Catalina Island


  1. Wow was 2012 the best year EVER?? What great high lights! I love the one that you are pregnant best :) I love it. You're so adorable.

  2. Holy cow, what a highlight reel! ...Not to make this awkward, but I think you made a small oversight and forgot to take me with you. No biggie, we still have 2013.

  3. So excited for you guys!! You will be the best mommy!! Miss you.