Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Adventures 2012

Last year I said that we were only visiting one family over Christmas from now on. And this year was the Cardall's turn, but I couldn't resist visiting my family so we made the trek to Utah after spending a week in Southern California.

One thing I was really looking forward to for the holidays was seeing some of my awesome friends from Kentucky who were home for the holidays. We had Cafe Riounion (wink, wink) dates with two couples, but unfortunately I only have a pic with one).

We took these guys on our favorite beach hike. 

I am easily entertained- I just love to watch the waves crash on the shore! And seeing dolphins was definitely a highlight!

The Cardalls have a fun tradition of having an extended FHE/Christmas Party every year. We are wined and dined. We get served a delicious feast on fancy china and silver and drink lots of Martinelli's. Almost 80 people attended this year!

After dinner, we have a talent show. Each family has to participate. And these are legitimate talents! One family sounds like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, perfectly harmonizing their amazing voices! (good thing I didn't marry into that family, I would have been a disgrace) Some people do piano/dance/vocal solos. Then Uncle Dick picks them up, puts them on his shoulder, and we all follow his chanting of "hip hip... hooray" several times and clap!

After the talent show, everyone gets a bell and a spoon and we sing and play Christmas songs (we ding our bell when our note is sung). Then we open presents to/from each other. Such an amazingly fun tradition! Love it! Hope it never ends!

Their Christmas morning tradition is different than my family's where we wake up early and open presents. First off, we sleep in, then we have a brunch, then we go for a beach walk, then when the grandkids are done celebrating Christmas with their other grandma, they come back and we open presents. My family always calls me in the morning and never cease to be surprised that we haven't opened anything yet. haha

We went on a plane ride with Wes' Dad and our amazing pilot, Mike.

Desination: Catalina Island

Beautiful scenery from the flight

Flying over Disneyland

Just landed on the island, ready to hike then eat at the airport cafe. There are lots of buffalo on the island (unfortunately we didn't see any) and that's why there is one mounted above the fireplace.

Obviously this is not California anymore! haha We visited more good friends we haven't seen in a while at their cabin. Always a good time!
Then we spent time with my family in Utah. Sorry no pictures :(
It was a great vacation and now we are back to work!

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